Give The Lobsta Love Truck A Spin

With summer coming in fast and hotter than ever this year. There is nothing more necessary to kick off a New England summer than with seafood more in particularly Maine lobster.  The options are endless when it comes to lobster, you can truly add some fresh lobster meat to almost anything and it will add a delicious kick to it. Chef Stephen Coe can attest to this as he is known for having specialty lobster dishes, which has helped him beat Bobby Flay and win chopped on three different occasions. He was also serving as a consultant for Food Truck Nation. Which brought Chef Coe to the idea of combining both of his skills in the kitchen and in the food truck industry and creating the Lobsta Love food truck. 

The Lobsta love food truck goes hand in hand with Chef’s Coe love for traditional New England seafood and his creative way of thinking outside the box. Before the Lobsta Love truck was created there was not any other lobster food trucks in New England. Many people have doubted the ability to have “fresh” lobster from a food truck, but Chef Coe proved them wrong by picking up lobster daily from the docks to provide the freshest lobster possible. With providing the freshest ingredients possible in his food, Chef Coe has won awards for his clam chowder, lobster bisque, crab rolls, and lobster mac & cheese. And to top it all off, his menu has affordable options available. Which is rare to find in this day and time. 

With the overwhelming popularity of this food truck, you can find it driving all over the Massachusetts area. But Chef Coe still will take the time to use his food truck to help give back to the community. His most recent charitable event was the “Feed The First Responders” event. At the event, he had grilled up some tacos to feed all of Dartmouth’s police, firefighters, and EMS. He is known to do this on a regular basis, as he is passionate about giving back.  

After reading about all the great aspects about the Lobsta Love food truck, are you interested in trying it for yourself? You can find the truck at parks, events, etc. He is currently having the truck by Plymouth Rock every Wednesday for the summer and it is in Boston every Saturday. You can find out more information about the Lobsta Love food truck by signing up for his newsletter on