My Top 5 Outdoor Kitchen Necessities

With summer coming up quicker than we realize, everyone starts their annual summer routines of firing up the grill in the backyard have a few cold ones and enjoying the nice weather. For me, there are a few items I think everyone should have to turn their BBQ into a full outdoor kitchen. Below, I’ve listed my top five outdoor kitchen must-haves this year – all with the idea of making the most badass meals possible! 

The first item on my list is a wood fired pizza oven with a salad unit. This is a great go to, to have a fun night with the kids or for a quick and easy night with your friends.  

The second item is having any type of smoker/grill in your outdoor kitchen. It seems obvious to have a grill but many just go straight to having an outdoor bar with no grill. Having either of these items is perfect for smoking some brisket or grilling a nice steak.  

Thirdly, a badass custom fryolator is a great accessory to have in your badass outdoor kitchen. It’s an easier frying process with a fryolator than using a frying pan. There are also reduced chances of overcooking your food with one. Plus, who does not love fries with their burger or hot dog over the summer! 

A sick fire pit that is built with a cauldron assist and a asado stand makes it to number four on the list. Cooking on the fire pit helps create the perfect smokey flavor for your food and will have everyone coming back from seconds or even thirds.  

To end the list of the top five outdoor kitchen essentials is an amazing custom bar. You need to have perfectly mixed drinks to go with perfectly cooked food. It also helps create a great ambiance for your backyard cookouts.